Some would say that there was no greater betrayal of American Tradition than the words of Barack Obama championing Sharia over the First Amendment by declaring to the United Nations in 2012 that “the future shall not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam”.

Cheers to Dr. Ben Carson. The Constitution prohibits a religious test but it clearly imposes a Constitution Test – and that would pose a serious difficulty for an honest, observant Muslim. Which is why, as Dr. Carson said to Sean Hannity, around the world, when traditional Common Law protections rub up against Sharia, it’s Common Law that bites the dust.

On the “Is-Obama-a-Muslim?” front, Sean noted this line was not so subtly promoted by Hillary in 2008 – although Obama has certainly done his best to live up to it, championing Sharia over the First Amendment by declaring to the United Nations in 2012 that “the future shall not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam”. This is the mind and the mandate of President Obama. He is President of a nation that protects speech including dissenting speech but he doesn’t.
Obama is on friendly turf when it comes to using the apparatus of both government and the media to shut down free speech. As was noted in the attacks on the life of Pamela Geller in Texas in May, it was not the gunmen who were condemned but it was that supposed bastion of the Tea Party, Bill O’Reilly who rallied with the Left Wing Media and called Geller’s actions provocative and incendiary. Heidi Beirich, head of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s watchdog division, told CNN on Monday that although Geller’s activities may fall within the bounds of the First Amendment, they are considered “cruel and unfair” because “she doesn’t make distinctions” between mainstream Islam and militant factions.

The Government’s response is to shut up people by using security. As the ACLU notes: “In 1971, the publication of the “Pentagon Papers” by The New York Times brought the conflicting claims of free speech and national security to a head. The Pentagon Papers, a voluminous secret history and analysis of the country’s involvement in Vietnam, was leaked to the press. When the Times ignored the government’s demand that it cease publication, the stage was set for a Supreme Court decision. In the landmark U.S. v. New York Times case, the Court ruled that the government could not, through “prior restraint,” block publication of any material unless it could prove that it would “surely” result in “direct, immediate, and irreparable” harm to the nation. This the government failed to prove, and the public was given access to vital information about an issue of enormous importance.

The new way to say: Shut Up! is to base it on Security Grounds.
“This issue has to be won before there’s nothing to win.”
America has a unique tradition of Free Speech which includes Freedom of Expression that does not translate well into many other cultures and countries. The Illegal Immigrants, the Refuges the Migrants and the Asylum Seekers cause those who notice their anti-Western behaviors to be punished on Security Grounds. President Bush said: “If it’s not the Crusades it’s the Cartoons” but the essence is how the Western World reacts which is to say the West has failed. Only six newspapers in Norway published the Cartoons which is more than the number of newspapers that published them in America, the United Kingdom and the rest of the world combined. Surely the West has either Lost or is in the process of losing.

Hate Speech Laws defy the American Idea of Free Speech and should be repealed not only in America but in every other country and culture. Instead of protecting free speech those against the West would rather stop it. It’s called Stockholm Syndrome. If as if the crazy, violent people say that if you say we’re crazy and violent we’ll kill you.

The cartoon crisis will be seen in the future as a more defining event than 9-11. Why will that be?

Terrorism is not blowing up airliners but about controlling the debate which is why hate speech is part of the terrorists agenda which is in turn keeping up the terror. The cartoon ban is because the Left is showing how much they understand and agree with the feelings of the terrorists. Liberals actually agree with and support the terrorists. That’s a malign alliance. The West must live as free people but it’s getting more difficult to do that when people like Obama are in charge.

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