Mendacity was the main issue in “Cat On A Hot Tin Roof” staring Elizabeth Taylor, Burl Ives and Paul Newman. It’s what pundit Charles Krauthammer is doing about Trump. Mendacity is a polite way to say Krauthammer is fibbing about what Trump said about Mexicans. Krauthammer says he called them rapists which Trump didn’t do. He called the illegal immigrants who come across the Mexican border with the U.S. rapists.

Krauthammer went on to demonize Dr. Ben Carson’s opinion that he would not advocate a Muslim for President. Krauthammer said no religious text is allowed for public office. Carson’s ideas are protected speech which Krauthammer better be careful going againt lest some government official come after Krauthammer.

Just what is a “religious test” which is prohibited by the Constitution? Carson said the belief’s of Islam are incompatible with the Constitution which a President must swear to obey, protect and defend. A religious test means no one can be subjected to a law which supports or prohibits a religious belief. Voting agaisnt someone because of their belief’s is completely different than a law which prohibits someone from serving in government because of their religion or their religious belief’s. The Supreme Court ruled: “neither a State nor the Federal Government can constitutionally force a person “to profess a belief or disbelief in any religion.” The Supreme court has expanded that protection to just about any belief, opinion or words from an individual. Carson is clearly correct when he explains his belief’s about Islam.

But Krauthammer is really going off the rails when he goes after Trump. Trump has proposed building a wall, deporting illegal immigrants, making it easier to carry a gun and eliminated Income Taxes on low income people.

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