Incredibly he wrongly called “Capitalism a new tyranny.” To verify how wrong Pope Francis is about profit-making enterprises ask people how satisfied are they with supermarkets, theaters, clothing stores and computer stores compared to non-profit government organizations, such as public schools, post offices and departments of motor vehicles, or with their favorite Catholic cathedral and/or the pedophilia scandals?

The Pope purposely and maliciously went after America. In his Philadelphia speech the Pope constantly reminded immigrants not to be ashamed of the traditions of their homeland and to keep those traditions alive in America. People in the crowd were waving flags of foreign countries. What about America? What about the American flag? What about the culture he’s visiting as a guest and in which those immigrants are living? Silence from the Pope.

The Pope is from Argentina. Why doesn’t he respect America? Why didn’t he acknowledge the traditions of America and exhort immigrants to become Americans because America is great? Why continue to support foreign nations when he’s the rogue guest of America?

Incredibly, the Pope upbraided America when he told us not to seek a “superficial quest for unity”. He has a problem with unity in a country and a culture called the UNITED States, for crying out loud! Does he know “E Pluribus Unum”? He speaks Latin and E Pluribus Unum is Latin. Does the Pope know or even care what America is about? He should. It’s his job to minster to Roman Catholics in America and to explain how the greatest culture in history has gathered people from diverse nations and cultures and melded them together into an American culture that is for sure superior to the cultures of all of the other advanced and struggling cultures around the world.

The Pope is a world leader. He should know what’s best for not only his Roman Catholics but also for all of the other cultures which is a country where the people are at Liberty. The Vatican knows about obedience and following rules but apparently the essence of America has eluded the Pope. That’s not surprising since his shtick is less about freedom and more about obiedence to him and following the leader and he’s the only leader of Roman Catholics.

His culture is about confessing the wrong actions. Confessing sins and admitting mistakes is an ideal to him. He knows about the Stations of the Cross which is a trail of the suffering and death of Jesus Christ. He cannot relate to Success so he cannot relate to America’s success because it’s as foreign to him as the red planet Mars.

So the Pope did what he was expected to do which is to diminish and attack the success of America which is opposed to his message that the earth is the grim waiting room for the greatness that’s to come after death. He could have been a stunning success with this simple message to the worldwide Catholics – “Be more like America. Be successful in this world.” What a tremendous message he could have supported instead of his grimness.


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