It’s Trump, Cruz and Carson, three terrific candidates with Trump out front because of his “People Math”. Trump gets and says what we are thinking. Cruz is intelligent and a super-American because of his Cuban emigre status. He deeply loves America because he knows why America is great. Dr. Ben Carson is admirable. A marvelous and truly compassionate man who could not do what he has done without loving America and America loves him back.

The rest of the Republican field are also pro-America. From Carly Fiorina all the way to the candidate in last place they are superb and good people but the top three are better choices for President and President with Donald Trump being the best choice. They are all in revolt against the politicians in Washington and all across America.

The out-of-touch establishment politicians are watching a big voter revolt against their corrupt and corruptible policies. the mainstream media as well as Megyn Kelly and Rodger Ailes have been revealed as panderers who sleep with the right-wing politicians.

Build the Mexico Wall, deport the illegals and Make America Great Again. Trump can, should and must win this or America will continue to drift Left and we will have to pay their bribes to keep going.

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