Who would have thought America would not be capable of protecting its borders against unarmed illegal immigrants? Even worse, who would think that an American President would assist the breakup of North African and Middle Eastern governments and thereby directly cause waves of Illegal Immigrants into Europe and America.

Hungarian Prime Minster Viktor Orban on July 25th said: “The question is not what sort of a Europe we Hungarians would like to live in but whether what we call Europe today will continue to exist. We would like Europe to continue to belong to Europeans,” Mr. Orban added. To paraphrase, Americans would like America to continue to belong to Americans.

American values are vastly different than the values of other cultures.. The demise of America as an American culture by blending in the values of waves of non-American immigrant cultures is not a trivial change. It has and will continue to change America but not for the better. If other cultures are better than America why aren’t Americans emigrating there?

Liberal’s don’t like America and are determined to change it which is the purpose of massive immigration, sanctuary cities, the adoration of non-American cultures and the refusal of the Left-inclined media to even mention the word immigrant. But there is a clear correlation of people coming into America and the rise of terrorism, higher unemployment, increasing crime and higher crime rates.

In the case of Hungary, they started a 13 foot high fence along it’s 110 mile border where most of the illegal immigrants come. That’s the same solution favored by many Americans even though the Left says fences don’t work. Yeah, like wheels don’t work. That’s why other nations like Israel, China and Hungary build them.

Walls can be used to keep people in or out. Prison walls keep people in. Trumps wall will be to keep out illegal immigrants. Why should America accept people who will not follow the law and apply for entrance like they must do in every other country?

Many recent immigrants refuse to respect America. They refuse to speak English. Many refuse to work so they become wards of the government and that suits them and penalizes working Americans. When immigrants refuse to assimilate it’s because they want to change America into a culture like the one they left. Why is that acceptable? In the name of a failed idea, “Diversity” which is a consequence, not a plan and it shouldn’t drive politics because “Diversity” is impossible to achieve. People simply refuse to life among people who are different. Listen to the protesting words of Rap Music. Many black people share the same ideas as many white people who are more comfortable among people like themselves. Forcing different people to live among people they don’t like or even among people they despise is not a formula that will succeed. Nor is it a policy that will keep America America.

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