It’s why goons are called goons. So called “Gun Violence” is a misnomer. No gun can murder or maim. That’s why it should be “Goon Violence” not Gun Violence.

But there are people who don’t like guns. The arguments won’t change their minds. Stubbornness like air is part of the world. Note that guns are neither stubborn nor judgeable. Guns, like air, are part of the world but guns are made by people not nature.

Guns have been banned in all advanced cultures except America. All cultures have goons who murder whether or not there are guns. Removing guns will not stop goons


Check the statistics. The murder rate for – well it’s very politically incorrect to compare murder or crime rates by race. Perhaps it unfairly sweeps in too many innocent people. Perhaps not but you’ll have to figure out the murder rate by race on your own. 


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