America can defeat Terrorism only with strong leaders. So far the Terrorists see American Weakness. Obama is the worst because he is a weak leader and he is willing to lie to appease the Terrorists. Terrorists are not stupid. They know Obama will not punish them for murdering our Ambassador. Neither will The United Nations. The American military in Afghanistan is there to win the hearts and minds of the people. That’s dumb. It’s a dumb reason to use the military. To win hearts and minds we need writers and talkers, not soldiers and drones. Soldiers and drones are for killing but when the Commander in Chief tries to use soldiers and drones to win the hearts and minds of the Afghanies he shows he is afraid to fight. Unfortunately, the American soldiers get killed and the murders do not get punished. They get away with murder. Obama should bring home all the soldiers and fight with words and talk.  

If you think this sounds too simple, think about how simple the President must be because he doesn’t get it.   

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