They can all stand on their own but they are best when they stand together. Kelly has the most to lose. If she continues to bleed viewers she’ll eventually lose her prime time show. Ailes will lose advertising revenue and his boss, Rupert Murdock will find someone else to replace Ailes or to shadow him and report back to Murdock to keep the money from FOX coming in. Trump has the least to lose. If FOX blocks him Trump has thousands of stations on which to run his campaign ads. There’s literally no downside for Trump because the people support him.

The people will vote for Trump without noticing Roger Ailes because the people want someone to stand up to the media and Ailes and Kelly played into the “bad media” with their poor political sense. Trump isn’t Romney. He’s far past him. Romney was a good candidate and is a good man but the Democrat/Media Echo Chamber was too much in favor of Obama for Romney to win. It’s different with Trump.

The Liberal Democrat/Socialist/Left-Wing Media liaison is intact but it’s impotent against the popularity of Trump and his messages which are resonating among Americans. Trump supports just about everyone including all of the phony “Diversity” and “Multi-Culti” hyphenated Americans who are hungry for a candidate and a President who can fix America. Hillary is a breaker, a divider and a divisive force who’s ratings tank when she speaks. Trump is the fixer.

Ailes and Trump need to get together. They can bring Kelly in because she can do what she’s supposed to do which is be a popular TV show host. So far as Kelly having a brilliant career, she’s a one-trick pony. She is perfect on the Kelly file. She should not be an opinion maker too. It’s either “be fair and balanced” which means be neutral or be opinionated as she displayed at the debate when she argued with Donald Trump. Kelly cannot be both. If she wants to continue towards being a driver of opinion she and her supervisor, Roger Ailes need to be honest, open, clear and transparent about what Kelly’s role will be. If she continues to be part of the debate she must not pose as fair and balanced. It’s too late for her to do that. If she want’s to re-make the Kelly file into an opinion show she needs to declare her principles when if we go by her attack on Donald Trump which was unfair and unbalanced she’s gone past a journalist and become a politician even if she is not running for office. Kelly is no longer different than Rachel Maddow or Chris Matthews. She’s one of them. She acted in concert with their agenda when she went after Trump. She should realize what she did and why she did it but she cannot escape judgment by claiming she was neutral anymore than Maddol or Matthews.

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