The environment is hostile to human life and must be modified or people cannot live in it. People are unsuitable to live on the earth without adapting the earth to suit their lives. Human’s are not like lions that can safely live and thrive on the plains of Africa. First because the lions would kill and devour them and second because there is no food for people on the African plains unless the plains are modified.

The African plains must be modified so people can grow food there and modified so people can build shelter from the climate and the animals. Otherwise people would perish there. Same for living in the temperate zones of the earth where at least food and shelter must be created by changing the environment.

The Right To Life is the complete justification for each individual to use the earth. What part of the Earth can people use by right? Why all of it. Just like the lions.

Nature recognizes no Rights. It takes people to do that. Nature will work against human life unless shelter is created. Just as a lion can use the environment to live, so can people. The means human shelter must control the micro-climate in a building. When nature is cold, people need heat. Coal provides heat both directly by using a fireplace or indirectly by using an electric heater. Electricity must be provided by Coal, Oil or Natural Gas. Solar power doesn’t work all the time so it’s unreliable as a source of power. Same for windmills which do not work unless sufficient wind is available So the provider of electricity for most people is coal. Coal means freedom and red, white and blue are the colors of freedom because they are the colors of the greatest nation, America, which was created to provide the maximum amount of freedom. Coal and Liberty are therefore Red, WHite and Blue.

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