Forget abortion. That discussion is over except for a small fringe who can’t get it. Forget JEB. He’s his own man but so very few people want him as President he might as well just finish his retirement plans. Hillary? If she’s the Democratic Candidate the reign of President Obama is finally over.

What could derail the Trump Presidency? Nothing comes to mind. The man is greater than the myth. He proved it last night in the FOX Knife-In-The-Back debate where Megyn Kelly took advantage of her past friendship with Trump to ambush him in from of a national audience. Donald dispatched her almost with a flick of his finger.

Kelly wanted to prove she wasn’t on Trumps side. Why? She’s not. She made a major miscalculation when she thought she could get away with pleasing the Left Wing by attacking Donald Trump. She was too obvious about it. She lacked finesse, although she never had much of that attribute. Kelly is educated. Kelly is smart. She’s calculating so we know her guerrilla attack on Trump and no one else was purposeful but she got Trump very wrong. He’s something she’s not. Better than she is in a debate. She won’t live this down in a hurry.

If this is the best that can be done to Trump, he’s going to be the Republican candidate for President in the November, 2016 Presidential Election. He will have plenty of good people to appoint in his cabinet. They were on stage at the debate last night.

Who will run with Trump as Vice President? Carly Fiorina is more than up to the job. The best is Ted Cruz. Easily one of the smartest if not the smartest of the Republicans. A fierce and gentlemanly man, Marco Rubio would also be capable as Vice President or Secretary of State.

What about Chris Christie? A fantastic Secretary of Defense or Attorney General. No one can make him back off or back down.

In the interests of efficiency, President Trump would close at least six of the 15 Departments so his cabinet would be smaller than President Obama’s. He might retire Air Force 1 and use his own private jet to save even more of our money. .

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