What about the rest of the Candidates? Why was writer Amy Davidson permitted by her Democrat handlers to attack Trump, Walker and Bush? Because they are Democrats and Democrats Detest Republicans. Because they are Liberals and Liberals hate the Republicans. Because they support the Welfare State which will be in a bit of trouble when a Republican defeats Hillary. Because they Hate Bush 1,2 and 3. They hate the Bushes because the Bush family is Republican.

The NY’er loves the idea of climate change so they sneak it into the article about Trump. How do they show us they love climate change nonsense? By presuming anyone who doesn’t is a bit warped for denying their article of faith. In the article about Trump, Walker and Bush they insert their hatred of not only coal but clean burning coal. The Left, the Socialists and the Big Government wing of the Democrat party which is pretty much every Democrat, hates coal almost as they hate America because clean coal is cheap, abundant and mined in significant quantities in America. Noted that the NY’er, the Left, the Liberals, the Socialists and The Welfare Statist big government types hate America too because there aren’t enough Left Wing Liberal Statist big government types here.

The NY’er twisted the meaning of Scott Walkers words by changing the meaning of his statement that he can handle ISIS because he’s been extremely successful handling major issues. The NY’er changed it to a comparison of labor unions to terrorists groups which is about as lying as the NY’er can get. Then despite their misleading about comparing labor unions to terrorists they not how Ronald Reagan brought down the Berlin Wall by doing to a union what Scott walker did to the unions in Wisconsin. No wonder their readership is dwindling which is always the fate of magazines that are more interested in reporting the views of the editors and owners than in reporting the truth. That’s good. American’s destroy magazines that mis-report by not buying them. Bye-Bye New Yorker.

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