Click on the following to go to two photo’s of the men and their wives. Trump and Wife and Jeb and wife
How are we to judge people? Same way we judge everything else. We use the evidence supplied by our senses which is then expanded into perceptions then into concepts and on up to the intangibles. It’s up to you to properly use the evidence for judgment but there’s no mistaking some of the attributes of successful people.

Both Jeb and Trump start out with the benefit of the doubt. We presume them to be virtuous people in possession of the usual attributes of productivity, independence, integrity, honesty, justice, and pride, as well as leading a moral life using reason, having purpose and self-esteem for a live well lived. Then we judge people based on things like their spouse, their children, their home and on to broader and deeper attributes.

Look at the photo again. Based on their life so far, who best will “Help America Become Great Again” which is Trumps campaign slogan.

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