A woman born in Russia explains the Russian announcers call Americans something that sounds like “Symbossa” which combines a degrading sexual reference plus “Stupid American”. See it (Here). In addition they comment on American female gymnists as “wooden “Kosalapa” which means walk like a bear; with crooked legs, They would say when a British or American gymnast walked onto the stage, “Here’s that crooked legged girl, kosalapa; – that the American girsl don’t have any grace;  they can do the jumps OK, the technical skills are there but they are wooden.

When asked what made this come about she said we’ve seen this patriotic hysteria. They want to bring Russia up and on the other hand they want to bring America down. The commentators want America and the allied countries to mess up and they cheer against America. “I haven’t seen such open hatred toward the American athletes and such obnoxious behavior by the commentators in a long time.” -Russian Olympic fan, commenting on TV announcers. Some Russians have called the announcers embarrassing to Russia for their immature behaviors when do not reflect what most Russians feel.  

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