NFL coach of The Philadelphia Eagles, Chip Kelly stressed: “big people beat up little people”. Boykin is 5’9″ on a team that’s on average 6’2″ but even though Boykin is fast, agile and capable. He just can’t see as well as anyone five inches taller. How can he defend against people who are not just bigger than him, against people who are MUCH bigger? He can’t. In addition bigger people have longer arms. Boykin starts out five inches plus shorter than most receivers in the NFL but his arms are shorter too so his hands just can’t get up as high as the hands of bigger people.

Boykin can’t do arithmetic. Five inches taller and arms say three inches longer mean Boykin’s hands are eight inches below the ball so he can’t defend against taller people. He’s also about 60 pounds lighter. He’s much easier to push around and he gets pushed around because he lighter.

Shame on Boykin for claiming coach Kelly traded him because Kelly is “racist” meaning he hates black people. It’s not true. Boykin wasn’t tall enough. His arms weren’t long enough and he’s too light. (sic.)

Boykin will have trouble all his life because he sees people thru the prism of being black. All white people are not racist just as all black people are not bigots. Boykin needs to remember that Chip Kelly gave him many chances to excel. For years Kelly decided to play Black Boykin instead of other Black players. Kelly has proven he’s not remotely racist. Can Boykin honestly say the same for himself?

No, because he had a chance to do that and blew it. Instead of being honest with himself about why he was traded, he falsely accused and wrongly blamed Chip Kelly. Boykin needs to get taller. Since he can’t do that maybe it’s time he got a different brain. The one he has let him down.

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