Illusionists create an alternative reality. When Obama called himself the President of Hope and Change he was correct. We hoped for good change, he gave us bad and worse than that. He’s become “The Hopeless President”.

Barack Obama is a master illusionist, far better than Houdini who was an entertainer. Obama has been fatal to the American Dream. While he didn’t deflate the American Dream on his own he bears a lot of responsibility. President George W. Bush deposed a brutal totalitarian dictator in Iraq. Obama abandoned Iraq. Sold it out. Showed Iran how to go Nuclear and rule the Middle East. A nuclear Iran will help ratchet up the possibility of the elimination if Israel. Obama will be complicit in making Israel disappear while telling us Israel is better off with a nuclear Iran. Boom!.

Obama could stop Iran from going nuclear. So could the United Nations. The question is why didn’t they? Because nothing stopped North Korea, India and Pakistan from going nuclear. Why? No answers.

Barack Obama is not a bad President because he is black. He’s a bad President because he was deluded by a mother named Stanley and an amazing abusive Kenyan father who get a free Harvard education and sired Barack Obama III, a dual-raced child whom he saw once when Barack was ten years old. Harvard administrators, a memo stated, “were having difficulty with his financial arrangements and couldn’t seem to figure out how many wives he had.” they told him to go back to Kenya to finish he Ph.D. thesis.

Children of delusional parents can’t be raised well enough to get the important things right. Their delusions sent Obama into his world of illusions. If you believe you are being led, lemming-like over a cultural cliff you are correct. Believe an illusion and it’s impossible to correctly conclude. It’s like accepting The Southern Cross as the North star. An illusion. Everything that depends on direction will be wrong.

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