Trump is leading the field of Republican candidates because of many reasons. Carly Fiorina, another Republican candidate figured out why. “He’s tapped into an anger in America”.

American voters are angry. Barack Obama is a huge part of the anger. His “Hope and Change” not only didn’t work, he made things worse for both black and white people. Hillary represents an even worse solution. Politics comes before government and Americans feel sold out by the entire system because it’s supposed to be neutral, not make thing worse.

After Trump there is no second choice. None of the candidates comes close to Trump. Hillary certainly doesn’t. And regardless of the abilities of all of the Republican and Democrat candidates; and they all have capabilities to serve as President because the job is not that difficult. We know it’s not difficult because people like Obama can do it but in his case he is worse than someone doing a bad job, he’s motivated by forces he keeps to himself and those forces are bad for America just as they have been bad since he showed he’s not for all Americans, only for the people in his demographic groups. The beer summit showed his bias when he communicated his support for Professor Gates because of skin color. The arresting officer went to the White House and proved his case against Gates.

Even if Obama does a fantastic job from here to the end of his term, another 537 days from today, the anger will persist, the anti-government acrimony will still be roiling. People cannot be oppressed as so many Americans have been since the beginning of the unfairness that is the underside of government putting it’s heavy hands on the scales of justice and not be angry about it. Affirmative Action, the Forced Busing of our children and all of the hundreds of government agencies that persist in pushing people where they don’t want to go show Affirmative Action was based on the misconceived idea that people can be mixed together into something else. People are not part of a cake mix where the combination changes into something wonderful. A crowd remains it’s individuality no matter how many individuals come together. Force black and white children together and realize the race of the black kids and the race of the white kids stays. Same for adults. The anger from the fundamental unfairness of Affirmative Action didn’t change when America elected a black president. Both black people and white people regret electing Barack Obama because he is black. Don’t blame Obama, no one can live up to an impossible standard.

Donald trump knows how people think. He is one of the best at “people math”. He knows about the anger in America. He’s appealing to people because he is part of the anger at the numerous tyrannies the American Political Class has forced upon America. He won’t be able to change the Political Class but he’s not part of them. Most people aren’t. That may be the salvation of America. At the very least, Donald Trump seems to be the only candidate who really gets it.

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