The rumor is that Ghandi said: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” It sounds like the Donald’s strategy to beat the left wing media’s Trump Strategy. The Left wing is at stage two, having ignored Trump and now they are laughing at him. Trump is in stage three; he’s fighting them and he’ll win because the left is unable to comprehend what Trump discovered decades ago when he was making deals and becoming a gazillionaire. Trump can think like Americans think. He knows America detests the Left and the Politicians. The Left can’t think like that. That’s why they are the Left. They think like pompous Karl Marx who hated and detested the proletariat. The Left mimics Marx. Trump understands Americans. That’s why he not only has the best chance to get the Republican nomination, he can win over Hillary.

Trump can increase his chances of winning the presidency by running with a woman as the Vice President. Carly Fiorina is qualified to be President So is Sarah Palin. So are several other right wing Republican women, especially Megyn Fox who is smart, savvy, a lawyer by training who can blow away Hillary who loses because she is untrustworthy. Michelle Malkin is another right wing super-star.

Hillary has been demonstrating why she must not be trusted almost her entire life. She started out OK but after decades of being surrounded by nincompoops she’s become one herself. She makes loads of money but she does it in ways that voters dislike. For instance, she grabs money in the Clinton Foundation then sneaks it into paying for parts of her campaign. That violates the rules about campaign finance. Trump on the other hand has no problem spending on anything because he’s spending his own money.

When the voters realize Trump doesn’t want anything from them they will come to see the wisdom of voting for him. …..developing

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