Catholic Priest Father Marcel Guarnizo publically apologized to Donald Trump for the Crazy ‘Nativist’ Rant of Cardinal Dolan. Dolan believes, wrongly, that Trump called Mexicans Rapists. Trump said some illegal immigrants from Mexico are committing crimes which is true and correct. The Cardinal needs to listen to what Trump said instead of jumping to a wrong conclusion about Trump and Mexicans.

Even worse for Cardinal Dolan, Father Guarnizo apologized to Trump on behalf of Cardinal Dolan. Father Guarnizo went on to say he would wish to let him (Trump) know that many of us desire to publicly disassociate ourselves from any perception that what Cardinal Dolan wrote is any way consistent with Catholic doctrine or the basic decency required of all people of good will. Too bad the Cardinal couldn’t do that on his own.

The sins of some of the Catholic Cardinals regarding the transfer of priests who sexually preyed on young boys is well known. One particularly egregious man, Cardinal Law who worked the Boston area fled to the sanctuary of the Vatican where he has been hiding for years. The United States Attorney Generals cannot extradite him because the Vatican refuses to release him. Now Cardinal Dolan stepped in it and got what Trump said massively wrong. He owes Trump an apology. Father Guarnizo knows that. Most people who heard what Trump said know it and Cardinal Dolan should step up, do the right thing and profusely apologize to Donald Trump.

Timothy Dolan was born in 1960 so he missed all of the suffering of the World War. Being Catholic he can study the Holocaust as an outsider and so cannot feel the same about the victims as they did. Same for being one of the sexually abused boys. He did however witness the suffering of the victims of sexual attacks by some Catholic priests and incredibly he came up with a program to pay the priests to drop out of the priesthood. The payouts were seen by some critics as a “motivation” so that the priests would not contest being defrocked. The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests sent a formal protest asking, “In what other occupation, especially one working with families and operating schools and youth programs, is an employee given a cash bonus for raping and sexually assaulting children?” Fair question, Right?

Remember that the Cardinal is first and foremost on the side of the church. Is he miffed because Donald isn’t part of his flock? That Donald doesn’t have to kiss his ring? Dolan is one of it’s leaders so despite his bias he affects the people who follow Catholic doctrine. Additionally, despite his bias, he has an obligation to speak the truth and to get it right when he speaks, a Truth Obligation to the Catholics and to the public to tell the truth instead of getting it wrong and in effect spreading lies about Trump. He needs to man up here and apologize to Catholics, to Americans and especially to Donald Trump. We will be watching to see what the Cardinal is made of.

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