It’s official so far as the unemployed are concerned. Obama’s recovery is the worst ever. Here. The chart is from The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. It’s not just bad. Other recoveries from other recessions or depresions have been bad but never in the history of the United States have the number of people who are without jobs ever been this high. Look at the chart. Worse than any other recovery by almost double. Romney talked about the 47% of people who are hurting and who have to rely on the government, meaning on the money collected from their neighbors, to buy food, transportation, heating and rent. It’s wrong for government to take credit for welfare because they force people to pay for benefits for other people. The taxpayers pay and the government takes the credit. So although welfare is important in some ways, the government should be discouraging people from collecting and encouraging work. But government knows that’s not the way to get votes.

Welfare is a double swindle. People are forced to pay for things they don’t believe in. That’s a swindle. People who pay are not given credit.  That’s the second swindle. Then Government takes the credit for paying with other people money. That’s the third swindle. Obama has made it even worse. He’s paid businesses who are known bad businesses with money he either took from the people or Obama borrowed the money from China. A quadruple swindle. That’s why we judge that Obama has failed.

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