Why no condemnation of Jihad against America? Jihad is Mass Murder. America has been bending over backwards (and frontwards) to appease and give comfort to American Muslims despite their silence or at best some weak condemnation of Jihad against Americans. There have been 26,444 Terror Attacks since 9/11 according to Terror Watch. Hundreds of known attacks were thwarted by American Law Enforcement and we know they do not publicize every plan so they can keep defeating the attacks in the homeland but that’s begging the question of what are American Muslims doing to teach Muslims what’s wrong with Jihad against America?

Is it a clash of civilizations that prevents American Muslims from supporting America? Americans are free to follow whatever they decide when it comes to religion but Americans are not free to marry more than one person at a time. The Chattanooga Jihady’s father told the Jihady’s mother he was going to marry an additional woman in Palestine. The Muslim father also beat and sexually assaulted the Jihady’s mother according to the divorce papers she filed.

Just as a local Bishop won’t get involved in the lives of church members, neither can we expect a local Mosque to try to stop a terrorist intent on Jihad.

Oh. Wait a moment. The heads of church’s do get involved when mass murder is being discussed and/or planned inside the building. Freedom of Religion and Individual Rights are not a defense against mass murder.

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