America is headed over the cliff of Eternity. We are going to elect another President to replace the disaster that’s Obama. The universe will shake. The stars will fall and we will be done with Obama as President although he will join Bill, Hillary and Chelsea on the lecture circuit. It’s not a big deal but it really is a big deal.

Trump is the biggest deal to ever hit Presidential Politics. The worst thing is if he doesn’t make it. If Trump doesn’t win, who will? The choice is Hillary or one of the Republicans, probably Cruz. Neither will be able to walk on water or cure ISIS but anybody’s better than Obama.

The next President may not be able to solve the Islamic Crisis but that depends on a lot of people, not just Trump although Trump is the one out of the many who can do more to rid the world of the scourge of Islam. Islam; radical Islam; fundamental Islam; “Peaceful” Islam; Islam at War with the World Islam; Terrorists; “Lone Wolf” Islamic Terrorists; it doesn’t matter which version of Islam we are being propagandized to accept at the moment. It’s Islam that will be the biggest problem for the next President because it’s been the biggest problem for Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama. In fact, since the 16th century Muslims have been attacking ships along the Barbary coast of the Mediterranean sea. So Islam has been a problem for America since it’s founding. They can practice deception and lying because the Islamic doctrine of “Taquia” which is the provision in Islam to lie under 3 conditions including advancing the cause of Allah and to deceive your enemies. So, it is very hard to trust Muslims because you don’t know if they are saying what they really believe or they are lying to the Westerners because they are in a weaker stage of Jihad (the stage of El-estedaaf), but they can change when they are in a stronger position to fight and express their true feelings. That explains the reasons the Chattanooga Terrorist who murdered in cold blood four un-armed U.S. Marines was thought to be a wonderful American kid by his neighbors. Taquia. Purposeful deceit. Terrorism. Armageddon for four unarmed U.S. Marines. Trump will arm the military. Armageddon for terrorists in America.

In 1711 Muslims attacked and conquered Spain and Portugal. The Pope fought them in Europe and pursued them to Jerusalem. The armies of the Popes were called Crusaders. naturally Popes see the world as religious or not and that causes religious wars as well as non-religious wars. Armageddon was at hand so the Popes sent holy armies all over Europe too and forced people to convert to his religion. Convert or die. That’s Armageddon.

Trump is not a religious crusader. He’s one of the most practical of men. If ISIS needs to be defeated, he’s the guy who can do it. If American needs to start carrying guns, Trump will pass laws that make it possible to carry a gun. Oh, wait. That law was passed in 1789 when the Constitution was prepared and approved by George Washington, a name the Liberals have successfully written out of the history books because he had slaves. So does ISIS. So does or did the Pope and almost every other culture. American made slavery illegal in 1865 but the descendants of the slaves learned to get free stuff from everyone else. Welfare; Affirmative Action; forced busing of children both into an out of the ghetto’s; food stamps, and the rest of the 80 Federal programs that provide cash money to recipients. many of these 80 programs are why Trump is so popular.

Armageddon will follow parts of the welfare state if Trump is elected. Anyone else will expand them.

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