Her failed Russian “Reset” that not only made relations with Russia worse, the word was mispelled on the reset button. The button was labeled “peregruzka” which means “overcharge”. the Russian word for reset is “perezagruzka.” Clinton left out the “za”, a massive mistake that mis-stated the relations with Russia. Then there was Benghazi. Her failure to secure the property. Her failure to defend the people there. Her lies afterword.
then there’s Honduras. Without Hillary Clinton’s support for fascism in Honduras, Honduras would still be a Democratic Republic in Central America; and this fact is widely known outside the U.S., but America’s Left-Wing, Hillary supporting major news-media failed to report it. So: it’s a major failure on the part of Hillary Clinton.

Why? Perhaps it was because the chief lobbyist hired in the U.S. by the Honduran aristocracy (whose thugs had installed this new Honduran government), was Hillary’s old friend, Lanny Davis. As slate.com had said on 27 August 2008, headlining “A Day in the Life of Hillary’s Biggest Fan”: “When it comes to defending Hillary Clinton, Lanny Davis has no rival.” He was the fascists’ fixer, inside the Administration.

So, the Honduran aristocracy (largely the Faraj clan) had purchased, via Lanny Davis, a line straight to Hillary Clinton, the U.S. Secretary of State. Hillary’s outright support of the fascist junta, sealed the deaths of many thousands of Hondurans. The U.S. thus, single-handedly among all nations, kept Honduras’s newly-installed fascist regime in power.

Gov. Scott Walker told Charlie Sykes Wednesday at Insight 2015 that he is looking forward to a potential debate with Hillary Clinton over her tenure as Secretary of State.

“Bring it on,” said Walker. “There is no place in the world where she hasn’t played a prominent role where it is not screwed up right now.”

The absence of a coherent plan to address the Arab Spring, a faulty assessment of Bashar al-Assad (whom she labeled a “reformer”), deteriorating relations with Israel and an obsessive focus on settlements, and cluelessness that withdrawal of U.S. forces in Iraq would give the radicals a foothold. And while the media and her potential Democratic rivals won’t do it, it’s time to force Clinton to align herself with or reject the premises that now are the foundation of the Obama foreign policy.

As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton has been elusive, more minor than her immediate predecessors, Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell, who were highly prominent in office. On several occasions she was embarrassingly overshadowed by Vice President Joe Biden and was marginalized by the White House’s appointment of a series of special envoys and special representatives on issues such as the Middle East peace process, Sudan, and Afghanistan/Pakistan.

Lacking in strength and vision, and extraordinarily naïve Clinton utterly failed to impact the international community. Despite balaver about “creative partnerships for development,” a “multi-partner world,” and a new “architecture of global cooperation” she was remarkably short on clear policy prescriptions. There was no sense Americas was engaged in a global war against an enemy seeking America’s destruction
Hillary’s naïve principle of “engagement” lay at the very heart of her poor performance as SecState. Nor did she condemn Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for the brutal murders of protestors in Tehran following rigged elections.

In contrast to her tough rhetoric on the Iranian nuclear issue when she campaigned for the presidency, Hillary Clinton adopted a dove-like tone in office. Clinton even helped Obama extend the hand of friendship to unsavory regimes. There is barely a tyranny on the face of the earth that wasn’t earmarked for “engagement.” But engagement is an activity, not an accomplishment.

Hillary’s underwhelming performance as secretary of state is representative of her foreign policy that projects weakness rather than strength and left the United States vulnerable in the face of an array of enemies. Hillary’s much-hyped doctrine of “smart power” is an empty shell that masks a strategy for America’s decline as a world power. She chooses to appease evil rather than confront

The United States needed stronger leadership on the world stage from the State Department, whose voice was unusually weak and meek.

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