You cannot transfer personal attributes. People are therefor unable to transfer their skin color. Just as every white person who is not a racist cannot become one, neither can a black person become a criminal by transferring the attributes of a criminal to themselves.

“Personal attributes or virtues cannot be ‘redistributed,’ Leftists and Liberals try to deprive men of their consequences of their actions: the rewards, the benefits, the achievements created by personal attributes and virtues.” That’s paraphrasing Ayn Rand and she was spot-on. Apply the idea of Individuality to an analysis of the ghetto’s. Start with the idea that the residents of ghetto’s are the individual people who live there, not with an analysis of all of the people because despite that flawed Marxian idea the people in a ghetto are not members of a class. They are individuals. A ghetto is usually a specific geographic area but the people who live there are not living as a group. Maybe they all have the same skin color but they are specific individuals.

Some animals travel in packs to help capture larger animals for food. No one in a ghetto is like the animals in a pack. Each resident of a ghetto is an individual who can think and act on their own. they are not the same as anyone like a pack animal is. Not only are they unique, they are not politically equal to anyone else. Politics is an advanced marker because individuals can think on their own. The human brain is the most advanced but it’s not the same as any other human brain. Each ghetto resident has a unique set of fingerprints that makes them different than every other ghetto resident. Each Ghetto dweller is entitled to the rewards of their own efforts but not to the property of anyone else. Government’s are instituted to protect the Rights of each Ghetto resident to their rewards.

The cure for every ghetto is for each resident to be protected from theft. If they are hungry they are at Liberty to eat their own food. They may not take food from anyone else. They are free to accept charity but they are not free to take food or to demand food from any other resident of the ghetto.

Other’s may have too much food. Their extra food must be protected from being taken from them. Some ghetto residents will have more money than others. Government must protect the money of each ghetto resident. Government should protect the money of each member of the nation too, not take it from some people and give it to others.

That means some people will have more money than others. They will be economically unequal. Government must protect that inequality.

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