No one. Chelsea can stand her but millions of people are so turned off by what Hillary has become they will not run with her as her Vice President. Who could stand being so close to her? Nancy Pelosi? Martin O’Malley? Harry Reid? George Stephenopolis? No one comes to mind because Hillary is congenitally off-putting. The Weekly Standard’s Daniel Halper calls her the “Democrats’ Frankenstein creature” – an amalgam of the worst traits of recent presidential candidates and virtually none of their winning attributes.”

Hillary combines:
John Kerry’s flip-flopping,
Barack Obama’s arrogance.
Mitt Romney’s wealth,
Joe Biden’s gaffes,
Al Gore’s obnoxiousness
and Richard Nixon’s paranoia.

Why would anyone run with her as Vice President let alone vote for her?

Zero Accomplishments.
Bad for Women.
And She’s Dumb per the Daily Kos .

As Stephen M. Walt notes in Foreign Policy, “she’s hardly racked up any major achievements, played little role in extricating us from Iraq, and it’s hard to see her fingerprints on the U.S. approach to Afghanistan.

Hillary went to 112 countries but Carly Fiorina said: “flying is an activity, not an accomplishment.”

She has done her best to smooth the troubled relationship with Pakistan, but anti-Americanism remains endemic there. She helped get tougher sanctions on Iran, but Obama cancelled the sanctions and the danger of war still loom there.

Hillary has done nothing to advance the cause of Israeli-Palestinian peace.
Yeah, she’s been busy but has little to show for her time in office — she works dumb, not smart. A

Hillary has had 20 years to shine. If she hasn’t gotten anything accomplished in all that time, with all that power, why should we think she’ll make a great president? We shouldn’t. No one has stepped up to run with her because she’s been a problem in America from the days of Travelgate and Whitewater.

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