This is a great set of examples and reasons government cannot and should not be trusted…. It’s discrimination at it’s most blatant… Discrimination because Maxwell is so rich and so smart that she may escape to a place where America cannot get her. …….. But that’s un-constitutional..

People often cite the 8th Amendment which prohibits excessive bail in criminal cases. Although there is not an absolute right to be granted bail …. Wait…. Yes there is in the case of Maxwell… She isn’t a murderess but she may have facilitated many, many rapes of young girls, so she is fully entitled to bail… Bail when it is imposed must be reasonable. Bail is not to act as a punishment or undue financial obligation. The prohibition against excessive bail is intended to prevent discrimination against the poor. As such, courts are careful to set bail at justifiable amounts in order to preserve the rights of criminal defendants. In the case against Max, she’s far from poor… She’s very, very rich so she’s being discriminated against because she’s so rich… Plus she’s smart, .. perhaps super-smart so government simply locked her up and refused to grant her bail.. Even though the government can find her and arrest her no matter where on the planet she goes….

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