It’s a contract. At the end of the day it’s an agreement between two people. People can make all sorts of contracts and agreements with each other. Marriage is a contract between two people. It’s always been that way. Gay marriage is no different.

Gay marriage is different than straight marriage. That’s why it’s called “Gay Marriage”.

Gay Marriages won’t destroy marriage. In fact they strengthens marriage by adding more marriages to the total number of marriages. Gay marriage counts as a marriage. Gay marriages are contracts. The Constitution made government responsible for enforcing the law of contracts.

Your personal definition of morality may not approve of homosexual people getting married but your morality should agree that people can enter into contracts. If the contract is a marriage contract it’s a valid agreement whether or not you agree unless you are one of the contractee’s.

No one is forced to agree with anyone else. If you oppose gay marriages, don’t engage in one.

Should you be forced to perform a gay marriage ceremony? Of course not. the First Amendment is supposed to protect your freedom to decide how to act. You also have the First Amendment right to decide with whom to associate. You also have a Fourteenth Amendment Right to be treated the same as others.

You also have a Right to not associate with people so if you oppose gay marriage, don’t go to a gay marriage ceremony. It’s your right and your choice. If you don’t want to associate with gay people then you cannot be forced to associate with gay people. Your call. Your choice. Same for gay people. They are free to decide with whom they want to associate.

The bottom line is your freedom is up to you. You are also free to discuss gay marriage with anyone who is willing to discuss it with you. Hope this helps get things more clear.

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