Her sentence is on appeal. In a quirk of the justice system a person cannot appeal a guilty verdict until after the sentence has been imposed. The quirk is: for an innocent person the sentence is a further mis-carriage of justice so the sentence simply aggravates the wrong verdict.

Is Claire Risoldi really innocent? Did she cheat one of the biggest insurance companies in the universe? Probably not. The insurance company has 20,000 people. The probability that Claire Risoldi cheated them is way less than zero.

Besides, Risoldi wasn’t paid a thin dime for her losses. How can someone be cheated out of their money when they still have their money? Something is very wrong here. What is it?

For one, prosecutors are people and people make mistakes so it’s possible the prosecutor made a mistake in charging Risoldi in the first place.

Second, bad defense lawyers let the judge and jury be mis-led by the prosecutors.

Third, the insurance company was OK with paying Risoldi for her losses. No foul, no crime, right?

Last for now is the prosecutor was put in jail in a different case and that shows the prosecutor was very, very biased. This mess should never have seen the inside of a courtroom. Never.

So if you ever get into a situation like this you should take the lessons of this despicable wrong prosecution as a Red Flag Warning. .