No Oppression means the entire social justice premise is a lie. Even worse, Social Justice has increased the hatred of whites by blacks and as a result the hatred of whites towards blacks. Justice is not a social construct.

What is Justice?  What fact of reality gave rise to the concept “justice”? The fact that we must draw conclusions about the things, people and events around us, i.e., must judge and evaluate them. Is our judgment automatically right? No. What causes our judgment to be wrong? The lack of sufficient evidence, or his evasion of the evidence, or theinclusion of considerations other than the facts of the case. How, then, are we to arrive at the right judgment? By basing it exclusively on the factual evidence and by considering all the relevant evidence available. But isn’t this a description of “objectivity”? Yes, “objective judgment” is one of the wider categories to which the concept “justice” belongs.

What distinguishes “justice” from other instances of objective judgment? When one evaluates the nature or actions of inanimate objects, the criterion of judgment is determined by the particular purpose for which one evaluates them. But how does one determine a criterion for evaluating the character and actions of men, in view of the fact that men possess the faculty of volition? What science can provide an objective criterion of evaluation in regard to volitional matters? Ethics.

Now, do I need a concept to designate the act of judging a man’s character and/or actions exclusively on the basis of all the factual evidence available, and of evaluating it by means of an objective moral criterion? Yes. That concept is “justice.”

It is not social. Justice is not some lexiconic construction. Justice is not “just a word”. Justice is a real idea. Justice is a recognition of reality. Justice is not “Social”. Justice applies not just to social activities among people but to all activities of every individual. There is no need to identify various types of justice because there are not many kinds of justice. All of the NFL players. coaches and owners are lying to themselves when they tell us they are fighting for something but that something doesn’t exist. There are no social wrongs. No group can act. Only individuals can act. Society cannot act. White People can only act individually. Black people cannot experience something. Only black individuals can experience things. Blacks therefore cannot experience racism. Only a black individual can experience that. Black society cannot be wronged. Only black individuals can be wronged. When black BFL players claim to have experienced oppression they need to step up and explain when, where, how they were oppressed. That includes for example Fletcher Cox who is being paid millions. He needs to answer the call and show us how he has been oppressed.

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