Most of the players are paid millions of dollars. Fletcher Cox is a defensive tackle. He’s paid $21 million a year. He plays 18 games but only on defense. That’s 9 hours of work. He wears a “social justice” message on his helmet that shows he’s not 100% worried about football. There are anti-white social justice signs painted on the ground around the playing field… Enough of the hate. Think football… Think only football. Protest against white people on your own time. The owner who is mixed up about what’s going on is allowing the players to be distracted instead of giving football 100% of their ability. How about lose the hate and find better football? The head coach is giving black handshakes. The players don’t give him an Italian handshake in return. It’s all one-way with the race-based activities. How about lose the race based social justice crap and just play football?

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