Yes, nuts. They somehow think the “Stars ‘n Bars” flag represents slavery even though there’s no slavery at all in America and there hasn’t been any slavery since 1861 when slavery was eliminated in America. 2015 minus 1865 equals 154 years since slavery was eliminated in the American South by the 13th Amendment to the American Constitution . That’s six generations. Unless a black American was alive and enslaved in 1864 when the amendment was passed they don’t know jack about being a slave. In addition, slavery was outlawed above the 36 and a half parallel of latitude in 1820 by the Missouri Compromise.

So slavery was outlawed in the North in 1820, 195 years ago.

It’s a wild claim that “The Stars and Bars” represents slavery. In fact there is no “Slave Flag”. Never has been. So the claim of the Left and the Obama administration that the Stars and Bars is a symbol of slavery falls apart in the face of a serious analysis about the Rebel Flag.
J.D. Mullane has written several columns in The Bucks County Courier against the Rebel Flag. Here’s my comments to him about the one published today.
Hi JD.

Good for you writing about the Stars ‘n Bars and the Flag of Puerto Rico.

Why does the Rebel Flag resonate inside a lot of us? It’s because of the spirit of freedom and bikers know more about freedom because of their closeness with the wind and the rain when they’re riding so it’s sort of natural that bikers go towards the rebel Flag. Of course we love the Stars ‘n Stripes very, very much –but it’s the rebelliousness in our natures that moves us in the direction of the Stars ‘n Bars, not any inclination towards or in support of slavery. Rebels today are against slavery probably a bit more that the public at large because the wind in your hair is a great feel of freedom that isn’t available riding around in a chine closet.

Then there’s all of the rules against words and phrases. You know very well about the “banned word” list at The Courier.

So the attraction of the Rebel Flag is especially because of all of the oppression in the culture.

That’s why I’m sort of surprised that an ‘ole biker like yourself seems to favor getting rid of the Confederate Battle Flag but My suspicion is that it’s probably because of the many conflicts within your good self and against the culture at large. You are a rebel at heart. You will never fit in with the mainstream. Good.

The Rebel in you is why you hung a PR flag from your mirror and taunted people by doing that. You also know PR is not part of America. They voted against statehood. No problem from me on that score. I worked in PR many years ago with YALE Montacargas and YALE forklifts. The PR Hilton had one of the best hotel lobbies in the world and since I’ve been to 92 countries I know a bit about hotels.

Also, I used to ride along with a lot of black riders some of whom had the Rebel Flag on the back of their jackets. We had about 100 riders in the Andalusia MC back in the day. We bought a house on Richmond street down by Allegheny and I still recall the feeling of freedom riding a bike.

You know I also fly airplanes. Had a Beech Twin for awhile and Janet and I flew all over. Feeling of freedom? We know about it in four dimensions. Length, Width, Height and Time.

So you car guess why I detest the idea of removing the Rebel Flag from the American culture because of the idiots who think that flag is a symbol of oppression when to people like me it’s another symbol of freedom. My answer to the black people who seem to hate it is to get right and use it as a symbol of Black Rebellion against oppression. Join the rebels. You’re still American and maybe by flying the Rebel Flag along with the Stars and Stripes you will learn more about government oppression instead of trying to get government to support freedom. Government’s aren’t about freedom; they are about force. that’s why we are being forced to take down yet another symbol.

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