It’s impossible to hear the sound of the next footstep even when you know it’s coming. The Supreme court made a massive set of mistakes ruling that anyone can marry anyone. It’s now possible to avoid estate taxes by simply marrying a beneficiary. Mom’s can marry their daughters.

With same-sex marriages come same-sex children. With children of same sex parents come trauma’s because the children of same-sex couples lack one of their natural parents and the laws of the land are powerless in the face of the laws of nature. No child can have two mommies no matter what the Supreme court says. It’s the egg/sperm thing. Each of the 14 children of the Octomom had a daddy.

“Take it from the adult child of a loving gay parent: redefining marriage promotes a family structure in which children suffer.” That’s from: “An Open Letter from the Child of a Loving Gay Parent” sent to Justice Kennedy by Katy Faust
“The definition of marriage should have nothing to do with lessening emotional suffering within the homosexual community. If the Supreme Court were able to make rulings to affect feelings, racism would have ended fifty years ago. Nor is this issue primarily about the florist, the baker, or the candlestick-maker, though the very real impact on those private citizens is well-publicized. The Supreme Court has no business involving itself in romance or interpersonal relationships. I hope very much that your ruling in June will be devoid of any such consideration.”

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