In the 21st century there have been 116 shootings in places in America where guns are banned. Those 116 shootings resulted in 185 children being murdered. Why are gun ban zones so ineffective? One reason is there are no police weapons there. There is no resistance against people who decide to commit murder in a gun ban zone. Gun ban zones are the schools.

Would guns in schools prevent the murder of school children? Yes. Criminals who want to murder children would not enter a school where there are some people with guns there. Criminals who begin shooting would be shot before killing more children.

Some people fear guns. Other’s do not. To those who are afraid of guns, they need not have them. They are certainly free to not buy a gun. People who want to buy a gun are protected by the Second Amendment of the Constitution which instructs government to make no laws preventing their acquisition. Some people actually enjoy the sight and usefulness of a gun or multiple guns.

Guns are serious things, probably about as serious a thing as a person can have. Why? The purpose of a gun is to kill people.

Some people like to hunt with rifles or even pistols. They use a gun as a tool.

Some people ask: why does anyone need a gun? They don’t understand the nature of people. People acquire things. The question: why does anyone need a gun is an improper question because people acquire things for all sorts of reasons. The acquisition of a gun is little different than the acquisition of a car. Both are examples of the acquisitive nature of the individual. Even though some people don’t want or need a car that doesn’t affect others who do. Same for guns.

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