Symbolically shadows are mysterious. Photographically they’re a distraction. Is Bruce gone? Or are we being scammed? It’s really a lousy photo. Too distracting. If confusion and distraction were the objective, the photo’s a success but it wouldn’t make it into a wedding album.

Technically he’s a cross-dresser. He’s still got his junk, right? She’s hormones and surgery, so far, with more to come. As he said it’s [restricted] .

With all sympathy for the intellectual dilemma, what’s really going on? Is this the ultimate Ringling Brothers side show or the most Freudian dream in history? With the help and major medical intervention that most people could not afford and would not desire Bruce Jenner’s Vanity Fair sponsored photo-shoot was their most successful. Voyeurs are in awe. A second printing is certain. Hopefully there are no more like him. Realistically? There are.

Oscar Wilde, George Sand and Alan Turing come to mind. Women inside men’s bodies or some combination of both, Caitlyn nee Bruce is another in a long line of natures tragedies. We’re mostly shocked and somewhat in awe at the stunning shadowy photograph captured by Anne Leibovitz’s $100,000 lights and camera. The shadows are the story.

Women love women? Nah. The story doesn’t end here. Caitlyn is still confused. Obama praised her courage. At 65 years she’s finally realizing a dream of becoming what? How do we refer to her? The shadows are the story.

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