Cousin “Tip” O’Neill was onto something big when he said: “all Politics is local”. He could have gone further ans said: all politics is individual because that’s where everything begins. Without the mind of the individual no politics are possible because politics require thought. Although that may surprise some people who believe politicians are so stupid they couldn’t possibly have a thought, politicians are human; have language and thereby think.

Only humans have language. Language provides the ability to think. Without words thought is impossible. One cannot think in symbols, pictures or diagrams without first having the thoughts which are used to create the symbols. pictures or diagrams.

Long before a person can think about a computer, like Alan Turing who came up with the original idea of an all-purpose computer which eventually led to the first personal computer, a person needs a way to refer to “things”. From things which exist in reality to things which are thoughts which exist only in the mind of an individual, each real thing or abstract thought, a word or sequence of words are used to think. As an aside, Alan Turing was an English, homosexual, atheist, mathematician who was prosecuted for his homosexuality they pardoned after his death by the Queen of England.

Without thought no reality can be described. Without a word or words to describe things which exist, including abstractions, only perceptions can be used by a brain but perceptions as such do not exist in reality. All so-called Natural Laws cannot be described without an individual brain. Reality therefore exists only if at least one individual mind creates the reference to it. The thought is the reference. Without a way to think, thought is impossible.

All knowledge begins with thought. A single thought is impossible to everything in the universe except one human mind. No so-called natural law can exist unless some individual mind creates the relationships needed to identify the reality upon which a natural law is based. Without thought there is no reality that can be identified. No identification no law. No thought, no law. No human no thought. No language no thought.

At bottom, the beginning of knowledge depends on Consciousness. With consciousness the so-called Laws of Nature can be formulated but before the formulation, relationships must be identified which means that after Consciousness comes Identity. Consciousness itself requires some way to acquire knowledge which is sensory perception and a way to refer to the things sensed which is language.

Without someone referring to the so-called laws of nature there are no laws because the idea of laws requires some way to know there are relationships and to identify some of those relationships as fundamental which starts with the Law of Identity.

Identity requires Consciousness. As Ayn Rand put it: there is something of which I am aware. Something of course means something in existence but without consciousness there is no reality of which to be aware. Existence itself is not fundamental, consciousness is. The Laws of Nature therefore require a consciousness which requires an individual mind. Still feel as though the universe is more important than you? Realize without you there is nothing in existence that can be known to exist. Everything starts thoughts and without a human mind no thought is possible. .

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