In the Montgomery County Commissioners race one guy won working with and within local church’s against women. He ran on one issue: anti-choice for women. The Courier Times goofy editor denied he ran against women and condemned the evidence provided to them by the Republican chairman of Montco as wrong. The editor said: running on one issue is the wrong thing to do. How then did the candidate who ran on one issue win? Is winning wrong? The Courier editor, Guy Petoziello want’s to have it both ways. He wants to be right while he’s wrong.

Running against women is unusual these days when the issue of abortion has been decided since 1973. Women matter. Women are given dominion over their body. That’s the way nature played it. Same for men. What stands in their way? The Evangelical Christians; The Roman Catholics; The Popes, including Pope Francis himself.

Eyes are used to see. All animals with eyes see except for animals before they are born. After being born the eyes begin to work but cannot yet focus. Same for the heart. At birth the heart is still not quite working. Sure, it’s beating but it’s not pumping. It cannot pump because it has holes in the tissues that separate the chambers. That’s about pressure. The heart with holes can beat but it cannot pump because it cannot make pressure. At birth the lungs don’t work. How can a body which requires air to function work without lungs that bring in air? It cannot until the lungs inflate for the first time. A fetus cannot breathe. It cannot pump blood. The eyelids are closed. The womb is full of amniotic fluid. Eyes don’t work in liquid. They need air to work. Amniotic fluid is not air. The eyes don’t work. The woman’s eyes work fine but the fetus has non-working eyes which don’t begin to work until after birth. But the eyes, heart and lungs of a pregnant woman work before she gives birth. The anti-choice crowd doesn’t get any of this. Or, if they get it they act against it which is why an anti-choice man just won an election based on a single issue which is: denying rights to women.

The anti-choice position is fir, clear and irrational. It’s based in misogyny, a prejudice against women. Anti-choice is firmly and clearly against women. It’s wrong yet it’s the position of a man who may become a Commissioner in a major metropolitan area of the most rational nation in history. An irrational in command of a rational county. How crazy wrong is this?

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