At the December Republican committee meeting the two supervisors utterly failed once again to get the committee working in the same direction. Mistakenly believing all of the committee people were on the side of the incumbent candidate — part of the problem has been the inability to admit they did anything that was un-popular thereby showing the lack of understanding that there were committee people who did not support them, the soon-to-be ex-supervisor singled out two people attending the meeting, not committee people but registered Republicans and publicly blamed them for his defeat. That’s another attribute that caused the defeat of the Republican Board of Supervisors for the first time ever in Northampton. A high-nosed disdain for people who were only committee people or even only registered Republican. People with his attitude lack the ability to empathize. Narcissistic,  they cannot accept blame for their mistakes so they wrongly blame, – then condemn almost everyone else. So the two remaining Northampton Republican supervisors, abandoned by the voters, will continue to suffer more defeats and unfortunately as just happened, they will continue to bring others down with them. They are Too bad; this is all too too true and they are very ungracious.The solution is to continue to abandon them, then work with people who don’t have these kinds of dysfunctional personalities. 

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