“..Tragic”… “Used foul language”, “Pathetic” and “Not Unexpected” is the way Chairman and Supervisor Komelasky described the people who addressed the Supervisors at the November meeting. So he knew before the meeting that some people would address the board. Knowing that should have prepared him to cope with the citizens, yet, despite that knowledge, Komelasky wasn’t up to the job. He can be seen at the meeting telling people to shut up or leave, then ridiculing them saying thank you, thank you, thank you with a look of disdain on his face as the people respectfully kept themselves in control. But not supervisor Silver who hurled verbal epithets at supervisor Rothermel and generally continued her practice of openly taunting him. That was in between her other usual practice of unwrapping her candies while people were addressing the board and the sounds of paper krinkling interfered with the words of the people.¬†Supervisor Deon can be seen with a wad of food in his left cheek while he was chewing his food on camera.

So Komelasky was right about the rude crude behavior except he failed to attribute it to himself and the other two GOP supervisors.

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