The Bishops take Federal Tax Money. They avail themselves of numerous tax exemptions but they refuse to follow the laws that cover people and organizations who seek, accept and spend tax money. the key is the Bishops have a choice. Either refuse to accept anything from the government and operate as a private entity or take something from the government, (tax money) and thereby agree to follow the laws, statutes and regulations governing entities that give the government a say about their actions. The Bishops didn’t think of the yet but the ACLU may focus their attention on just how much of a double cross the bishops want to play. Their game is over.

the Bishops hope to keep up their scheme by claiming religious freedom but it’s too late for them to do that. Once they gave control over their organization to the government they must do as they are told. That’s no different than the rest of the businesses that are regulated by the government. Take advantage of claiming your organization is a corporation and thereby entitled to act in a certain way and you volunteered to do what you are told to do by government.

If the Bishops don’t want to follow some parts of the law, then stop getting a free ride on taxes. Dissolve your corporation, pay taxes like everyone else and you don’t have to provide contraception or perform abortions. Unless and until you do that, you’re stuck with following the laws. Either give up your advantages as a religious institution or keep yourselves as a religious institution and provide contraception.

There’s no grey here. Either take advantage of the benefits as a business or stop taking advantage and keep your religious ideas but don’t try to play the taxpayers as fools and try to get away with something to which you are not entitled.

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