Ilana is a 10 caret phony who hates George Bush, Dana Perino, Megyn Kelly and the government. While it’s great she has a passionate hatred of government, that’s reasonable and rational, she lapses into irrationality when she attacks Perino and Kelly partly because they love George W. Bush. Mercer hates Bush. It’s not clear if her Rothbardian reasoning extends her negative emoting to President Obama but irrationality removes reasonable conclusions, her’s included.

Murray Rothbard started the Libertarian Party. That’s good. His philosophy was muddled, just like Mercers. That’s bad. Why does she attack the 1% who are pushing so hard instead of going after the low-hanging fruit of the Liberals? Her DNA seems to head in the right direction. Her biography begins with her birth in a wonderful, destroyed land, South Africa. Ilana was born in South Africa. Having visited there many, many times I too fell in love with the place and witnessed it being destroyed by a goofy government that was replaced because of American Lib-tards with chaos.

Ilana had to leave to stay sane. As a very young child she and her family departed in the 1960s for Israel, where Ilana spent her formative years. She returned to South-Africa in the 1980s, married and had a daughter. The family emigrated to Canada in 1995, and then went on to settle in the US.

All that suggests Ilana witnessed some of the worst activities of political and government movements. She needs to go after the Left and leave alone two bright spots, Kelly and Perino who are battling the enormous forces of the American Left. Out side needs people like Mercer but we need her to destroy the opposition, not commit suicide by going after the heart of the Conservative movement.

About her book: A far better book is Leonard Peikoff’s “Ominous Parallels”. Mercers book is frankly a bit thin in analysis and conclusion.
Having been to South Africa both before and after Apartheid, it’s clear it’s worse for more people since Apartheid ended. Apartheid should have ended but it’s been replaced by incompetence. After bombing the highest building in Africa, the post-apartheid incompetents trashed lots of the infrastructure, like the water and sewer systems. That’s too bad but it’s getting worse. …developing

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