He’s made and continues to make the world a more dangerous place, this son of a rebel African father.

President Obama has adopted a more conciliatory tone towards Iran. That’s bad. He’s in the middle of strategies and tactics that, unfortunately for peace, led to the takeover of Yemen by the Al Qaida Houthis and the flight of the President of Yemen out of Yemen into political exile after Obama assured us Yemen was safer because of Obama. Obama wisely ordered in the name of safety, the evacuation of the American Embassy in Yemen.

Obama is said to have instructed the U.S. Negotiating team to speak on Iran’s behalf with other members of the 5 + 1 countries. (HERE).
Obama is playing chess on the side of American Muslims who Obama believes are in danger from Americans. Incredible? Yes and confirmed by U.S. Attorney Benjamin Wagner, (HERE).

Saudi Arabia’s Military has been drawn into the Obama caused conflagration and has bombed the Houthis in Yemen. So much for making the world a safer place. the Nobel Committee should demand the return of their peace prize from President Obama. Either he’s naïve or he’s maliciously moving the powers of the earth against the interests of Peace meaning he’s on the side of Mars, the God of War. Mendacious?

Certainly, -based on the Middle East which is now in the middle of a greater war than the Nobel Committee will admit.

The Nobel Committee was formed by the inventor of dynamite who hoped to be able to control the genie of more powerful explosives that he let loose in the world. It didn’t work in the case of President Obama who has dramatically increased the amount of explosives used in the world. How Ironic. Rather, how very dumb that the Nobel’s didn’t connect the bloodlines of Obama to his father and grandfather who were committed to the use of explosives against Great Britain. A son of Mars, if the word has any meaning.

Stanley Ann Dunham, Obama’s mother was perhaps even more of an enemy of America than his warring father. His stepfather, Lolo Soetoro was far more a man of peace than Obama’s mother. Too bad Obama shared none of his genes. Too bad there isn’t a Nobel War Prize. President Obama would be more qualified for that prize than the one he accepted. Ironic. One man qualified for a Peace and a War Prize.

Egypt, since the Obama supported removal of President Morsi is under military rule. A police force is no match for a determined Al Qaida army. Egypt just petitioned Saudi Arabia to create a new army in the Middle east. Yeah, another army. That proves the failure of The President of Peace to help peace in the Middle East. The enemy has grown more and more powerful since Obama took the oath of office.

“By the time Obama’s term in office ends, Iran will most likely be in control of more Arab countries, and Qatari-backed terror groups will be much stronger, killing more Muslims and non-Muslims.” (HERE).

And Iran is closer to going nuclear thus putting Europe and perhaps even America in greater danger from nuclear tipped ICBM’s. Safer since Obama? Of course not. Iran needs to be stopped. How?

The way to win the war against Iran is to use the third Atomic bomb. That’s how dangerous Obama has become.

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