I + S = 1.
Integration opposes Segregation. When laws require more integration those same laws and regulations prohibit segregation. Where one lives has become a testament against freedom. If black people can live where they want to live but white people do not have that choice, then black people are advantaged but white people are not.

Mathematically, the more integration the less segregation. Suppose a neighborhood is 75% white and 25% black. Then .75 plus .25 equals one. As the percentage of black people in a neighborhood increases the percentage of white people decreases. Black people will either live in a neighborhood they like or they will move to one.

A study of the effects of government forced Integration is summarized in a report. “The End Of The Segregated Century”.

Segregation is not always Race-Based but Integration always is. There’s no way to deny black people can live wherever they want but white people cannot. The truth about Integration is that is engenders hate between the races as the effects of forcing some people to live where they would rather not live on the basis of the color of their skin, while other people can force themselves with the cooperation of the police to live wherever they choose based on the color of their skin.

Here’s where the genocide comes in. Race based integration which favors black people simultaneously penalizes white people. Actions forced upon people in an unequal way are against the natural law since attributes such as skin color are the result of nature, i.e., natural law which is technically neither natural nor law. Some people, Michael Jackson for one, was proof that skin color can be modified.

Is there another way to get people to live together? Yes, there is more than just one way to do it.

But since government often attracts people with bad or wrong intentions it becomes less possible and more probable that the tensions among the races will increase. The actions, strategies and tactics of people like President Obama who clearly favors black people more than he favors whites proves that point.

In addition to Forced Integration, forced Identical Outcome based laws are making some bad situation into disasters. People will have their earnings taken from them and given to people who do not earn them under the false idea that people are equal so they should do identical work and get identical pay. The problem? People are not equal. Never have been. Never will be. No amount of bad laws will make tall people equal to short ones. See “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut to get an idea of one way to penalize and harasses people with ability to make them equal to people with less ability. Vonnegut stayed away from race in his books but his examples fit the paradigm of race.

As a result of, for example, opening the borders to immigrants has increased the percentage of non-white people in America. That increases the percent of non-whites. The mathematics changes to: White% + Black% + Hispanic% =100%. Whether that’s fair, equal, just or not is a matter of Ethics. The purpose of this is not to argue Ethics, Conscience, or Justice but to note: some people are controlling what’s going on and that there is a name for the process.

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