Cut Spending. Sell assets that are not being used effectively. Fix the roads so traffic can go faster, Eliminate the Financial Manager. The township manager did the job before and he can do it again. Change some of the top level people to get people who know what’s right and wrong. Hire replacements who want to help the people and who have good manners. Does that has to be done in January? An orderly transition takes time and the right moves need to be made to get rid of the people who have supported the corruption and the bad treatment of the citizens over the past 25 years.   

The Spending can be reduced and my vote is to use the spending decrease to cut the taxes. If I were Supervisor I’d cut the budget enough to give each of Northampton’s roughly 13,500 properties an actual refund. Cut about a milllion three hundred thousand and send a $100 check to each property owner. How easy is this stuff?


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