Revised 11/13/2011

Here’s Superintendent Deon’s post-election comment to Jenna Ekdahl of the Northampton Herald just as he lost the Municipal Election on Nov 8th.

He said the money his opponent put into the race was “unbelievable,”

The Northampton Republican leadership said that the loss was because it “just wasn’t meant to be”. This shows a state of denial. Denial is maladaptive, a defense mechanism to shield a mind from further mental damage. The cure for denial requires one acknowledge personal responsibility then take steps to fix the problem .

The attributes of political denial involve blindness to the facts. The Republican leadership refuses to accept responsibility for their poor candidate and their poor campaign. It’s easier for them to blame fate.

The comment that Dr. Rose was elected because she put an unbelievable amount of money into the race was false. The Republicans had more money, resources and people than the Democrats. The Republican Party in Northampton is bigger. The Republican Committee has more members and more support from Republican appointees on the various Boards and Authorities . Those insiders felt compelled to vote Republican to hold their appointments.  The people felt the opposite. Many Republican’s crossed over and voted against the hand-picked candidate. I warned the Republican Committee they had a bad candidate when I screened for their edorsement, an endorsement I knew would not happen.  

Another set of reasons for the “unbelievable but factual” election of a first time Democratic candidate began four years ago with the mis-guided Komelasky inspired Republican strategy of publicly attacking the two newly elected Democratic Supervisors as a tactic to discredit them. It didn’t work. The attacks were increased and it beca. That strategy backfired because it was obvious to observers there was uncivil meanness at work. Official Republican tactics and decisions were made that outraged ordinary, decent citizens. Some of us spoke out trying to get the township to do the right things with the water and sewer problems. Half of the televised Supervisor meetings were cancelled as concerned citizens began to speak about the causes and consequences of the televised attacks. Support for the elected Supervisors declined. After the election of Komelasky and Silver the public attacks became less civil. The Supervisors restricted the time for citizens to comment on the problems of the township. The attacks increased against the two Democrat Supervisors and the citizens who spoke truth to power. To keep the Democrats and the citizens from making public comments the Chairman called recess after recess during the public meetings. The Supervisor attacks and the restrictions of citizen’s comments increased. The number of agenda items was cut to make the meetings shorter until the agenda was cut completely the week before the election.

A venomous, anonymous website that benefitted the Republican candidate reappeared; it was used in the Supervisor election of 2009. This time it mocked five private citizens in addition to supporting the incumbent supervisor. Then a major scandal was discovered. The Water and Sewer Authority along with the three Republican Supervisors were well on their way to forcing the citizens to pay $1.8 million dollars to to build a special 2 1/2 mile sewer line to benefit 40 proposed new homes.

The consequences for the Republican Party of Northampton came at the election. A third Democrat was elected shifting control of the township government away from the Republicans. The Republicans won all other elections. The voters rejected only one Republican incumbent. Praise the  Republican voters on this one. The Democrats worked harder and longer this time too. I watched Dr. Rose grow in her political ability during the campaign. She learned to respond to the lies with style, grace and strength, She and the Democrats won this election along with the help of the “Good” Republicans. A high percentage of Northampton people came out to vote. A marvelous example of the people of Northampton uniting and doing the right thing. Is this a great township? Yes, – because of the people. Now we can move foreword together but with Komelasky and Silver it will continue to be contentious. 

Denial has consequences. This election showed the perception and strength of the people of Northampton who extracted a penalty against the Komelasky adminstrations that go back 25 years. Nice Going Northampton. Pat yourself on the back.


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