Dr. Kimberly Rose challenged an incumbent Supervisor and won election to a six year term. The win was a combination of Democrats voting to get a Democrat elected plus bi-partisan Democrats and Republicans together voting to stop the “Pay-To-Play”, “Hide-The-Information”, “Raise-The-Taxes,Fees and Charges” culture in Northampton. The combination of principled voters proved irresistible as Northampton Voters came in near-record numbers to get their voices heard and their will approved.

Bucks County and Northampton are Republican strongholds. Dr. Rose is a registered Democrat who ran on the basis of working for the people, not the politicians. She promises to end the Republican inspired warfare at the Supervisor meetings. Good.  When the final counts were totaled over 8,000 people voted and Dr. Rose won by 385 votes. The Northampton voters voted to keep Republican rule in Bucks County and on the bench as many judges were on the ballot for retention. Northampton rises above the bickering and changes the Board of Supervisors from Republican to Democratic. It’s a rare Democratic victory in a sea of Republican controlled political offices and appointments. We expect the best for Northampton in the years ahead.


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