Listen to CJ Pearson applaud Mayor Rudy Giuliani for telling the truth about the President. CJ is in middle school and he gets more than the Harvard Lawyer and President Obama does about the Terrorists. HERE.

This is simple stuff. The President has been against America since his conflicted childhood. The Obama administration has since 2009 issued roughly 5.5 million work permits to non-citizens beyond what Congress has authorized, according to recently-released documents that critics of U.S. policy say reveals a “shadow” or “parallel” immigration system stifling wages and taking jobs from Americans. HERE.

He’s been busy giving work permits to illegal Mexicans since 2009. He’s been negotiating with Iran, a known terrorist country that wants to destroy America and Israel. How do we know that? They told us. The Terrorists told us they call us “The Big Satan” and they want to destroy America. We need a President who will fight for America, not bow down to and negotiate with Iran.

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