Please, if you love America, watch this! HERE.

Watch an ex-prosecutor do a great job explaining some of what’s going wrong in the world, in the Middle East, in Europe and in America. Giuliani said he didn’t think Obama loved America like he did. True.

Obama isn’t an American like Giuliani is because Obama wasn’t raised or educated in America, at least not in his formative years. He was raised by his mother in Indonesia where he attended a Muslim school called a Madrassa from 1967 to 1971. Indonesia is the largest Muslim culture in the world, larger than any Middle Eastern country. It has 221 million Muslims. Obama attended school in Indonesia where he studied the Koran and was inculcated into the principles of Islam. What are the chances he was taught how to be an American there? Zero.

What are the chances his mother taught him about the greatness of America? Zero. Why zero? Because his mother didn’t love America. Giuliani is right to conclude Obama doesn’t love America like Giuliani does. Giuliani is also right that Obama doesn’t love America like you and me. It makes sense that Obama not only doesn’t love America, he doesn’t like it and even worse, he want’s to change it to fit the values of his religious mentor Rev. Jeremiah Wright who hates America. Wright is famous for his sermon: “God Damn America”. that’s really anti-American.

OTOH, Giuliani is famous for loving America. Giuliani is an American Patriot. Obama is a patriot but not an American patriot.

Obama travelled to Pakistan shortly after being sworn in as the first black President. Why?

Because Pakistan is the second largest Muslim country in the world. Guess what country is first. Right, Indonesia. Why would Obama travel to the second largest Muslim country instead ofany country that’s a friend of America? Because Obama isn’t interested in countries that are friends of America, ….like Israel.

Thomas Sowell wrote: “

    “Anyone who simply looks at the factual evidence as to whether Obama loves America, or does not, will find remarkably little to suggest love and a large amount of evidence, over a long period of years, showing his constant close association with people fiercely hostile to this country. Jeremiah Wright was just one in a long series of such people.

    “Barack Obama’s campaign promise to “fundamentally change the United States of America” hardly suggests love. Nor did his international speaking tour in 2009, telling foreign audiences that America was to blame for problems on the world stage.

    “President Obama’s record in the White House has been more of the same. Among his earliest acts were offending our oldest and closest allies, Britain and Israel, and betraying the country’s previous commitments to provide anti-missile defenses to Poland and the Czech Republic.

    “Obama’s refusal to let Ukraine have weapons with which to defend itself from Russian invasion was consistent with this pattern, and consistent with his whispered statement — picked up by a microphone that was still on — to tell “Vladimir” that, after the 2012 election was over, he would be able to “have more ‘flexibility.’”

    “Conceivably, these might all have been simply blunders. But such a string of blunders would require someone very stupid, and Barack Obama is by no means stupid. The net effect is that in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, America’s allies and America’s interests face far more setbacks and dangers today than when Obama took office.” (End Sowell Quote).

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