But if Hillary finds there is a 2nd Amendment she want’s to regulate the firearms it covers. (Yes, she was serious and very evasive. ) See her squirm Here. 

In 1993 Hillary wanted a 25% additional tax on a handgun.

She want’s more background checks but background checks even with the approval of the victim violate six different Amendments to the Constitution as well as the idea of innocent until proven guilty. 

Hillary want’s to make manufacturers pay for any damage done with or by their products. If someone uses a knife in a crime, knife manufacturer Henkel and Koch will pay if Hillary gets her idea passed into law. Same for firearms manufacturers.

What about the companies who make Drones that kill enemies? Will they have to pay the victims? Yes, if Hillary gets her idea passed into law.

How did this woman get to be a Presidential Candidate? Happy the Clown is a better person and would make a better President.

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