Heroin is almost impossible to beat because beating it is an intellectual endeavor but addiction is molecular. Both the intellect and molecules are in the brain. They are connected by brain tissue. The molecules affect the intellect but the intellect is useless in affecting the molecules.

Emotions arise in the brain. So do loads of other functions that all form the basis of human life. Heroin however affects pleasure. That’s it’s allure. Death is the end game. Death stops the pleasure. Death stops the addiction. Nothing else works.

Alcohol and Heroin are death drugs. Both lead to the degradation of the body. Both lead to death. Neither can be controlled with current therapies, drugs or prison. There is no antidote. Drunks and drug addicts live diminished lives and die prematurely.

Addictions can be and have been controlled. Control is only possible for the addict. Nothing else works. . . . developing

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