Record breaking cold in Philly. Record breaking snow in New England. The Northeast needs more heat so whatever increases global warming must be mandated lest the weather gets even colder.

The heating effect of the sun is being lessened by Liberals who want to stop the globe from warming. Nonsense. The globe needs to get warmer if civilization is to survive. Seniors especially, need more heat to mitigate the effects of rheumatoid arthritis

Boston has so much snow the government doesn’t know where to put it. How about dumping the snow in Massachusetts bay? It would save money and effort

What if more heat could be generated in Boston to stop more snow and to melt what’s already there. Whatever can be done to change the climate and get more heat to the Boston area would be most helpful and welcome to people in Boston. The science here is most simple. Cold rain causes snow. Heat overcomes cold so heat would turn the snow to rain which could be removed from the streets by the sewers.

Snow doesn’t run into the sewers. It has to be scooped into large trucks and dumped somewhere but wherever it’s dumped gets colder. Snow does that. When it’s dumped into Massachusetts bay the bay will get colder so more heat would help the bay stay healthy.

Catalytic convertors should be removed from cars, at least during the winter months to get more beneficial gas and heat into the air to make it hotter. Right now it’s too cold so the rain turns to snow and causes problems. With hotter air the rain would remain as water which doesn’t require anything to get it off the streets and into the sewers.

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