The government started to quietly seize property by just taking it. Read the reports about Claire Risoldi and how “government” took her property before a trial. Was that Constitutional? Well, no but it’s far too late to oppose that. The deals have been done for so long that they are now established law, law which is prohibited by the Constitution but enforced nevertheless. Claire Risoldi was punished before a trial or a guilty verdict. That used to be unconstitutional. Why is it different now?

Government decided they can “prosecute your property” rather than you. So although you are protected by the Constitution your property is not. The idea came from an ancient English Law that allowed the state to prosecute a bull and to punish the bull if it had harmed a person. Where the idea came from that a bull is a person no one can explain but today government calls your Ferrari a person; prosecutes it and punishes it by taking it and making it government’s Ferrari by seizing it. The ACLU is against it but most people who hate the rich and act like they hate money are also mean enough to enjoy seeing someone rich get taken down.

Taking is against many of the ideas in the Constitution. How then did the American government get the idea that seizing Ferrari’s without a trial and a guilty verdict from the owner are allowed? In Bucks County, PA. that un-Constitutional idea sprang a multi-billion dollar operation that seized properties from Claire Risoldi and some relatives who may not be involved with the alleged crimes for which there has not been a trial and also for which there is a not guilty plea. These are private citizens without the power to object post ante.

What does this mean for you. It means no longer own anything if government decides to seize it. No one does so long as government wants it. America has gone far from the Constitution. It time for you to speak up.

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